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we are revolutionizing the retail experience

At Priatek, our mission is to create meaningful consumer engagements through fun experiences. Today, too many digital technologies are a nuisance to consumers.

The age-old problem of consumers being "desensitized" to advertising has come full circle. Priatek focuses on a strong consumer experience that revolves around incredible licenses,

such as Wheel of Fortune® a nd Jeopardy!®, great prizes, fun games, and amazing discounts off people's favorite products.

We deliver these services to our valued partners with custom data analytics which helps them optimize the performance of their promotions. We invite you to learn more about Priatek and how we can help you grow your business.

introducing in2win

Priatek is the creator of the most relevant, innovative and powerful marketing tool available.

Using breakthrough strategies that leverage the power of gamification and social networks, we developed the in2win experience. in2win is an omni-platform network of touchscreen kiosks located in high-traffic locations, mobile apps, and social engagements where consumers can access targeted promotions for the businesses of their choice.


world class leadership

Digital and mobile advertising is extremely competitive and often fails. in2win is a revolutionary platformthat creates customer engagement with your brand through fun experiences in high-traffic locations whereconsumers select the discounts and offers they're looking for. Our team of experts develop and implement a successful customer engagement strategy that unlocks key insights about your target audience.

Priatek Advantage


Targeted messages in specific geographic areas.

Quick Conversion

Consumers receive coupons instantly, and can use them to make immediate purchases from the kiosk, at local retailers, via mobile app or online.


Advertisers can track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time.

Highly Informative

Details of products and services can be easily accessible.


Through pay for performance advertising, an advertiser is paying only when a potential customer chooses to interact with the advertiser's products or services.


Kiosks run on powerful and reliable Intel® Architecture processors providing a great user experience

Easy to Use

With no up front fees and minimal risk, it is easy for advertisers to start a promotion.

Prize-based ADvertising that works


Priatek combines game mechanics with social networking and digital advertising to the most effective and compelling marketing tool for brands in the market. This new approach will open the door to thousands of e-commerce retailers who desire to affordably advertise and sell products in high traffic locations such as malls.


Our prize promotions result in winners but never losers. If a consumer wins the prize they played for, they are thrilled. If not, the consumer is awarded a random coupon between 10% and 90% o the product they selected.

Retail Locations

Priatek helps retailers by attracting consumers and growing revenue. Priatek provides the networked prize kiosks with millions of dollars in prizes and discounts. The prize promotions drive consumers to the retailer's locations. In addition, retailers share in the revenue generated from the kiosks in their locations. In most cases, the prize kiosks will make more revenue per square foot than the retailer's core business.

Game Developers

Priatek offers game developers a percentage of the revenue from the game kiosks as well as strong marketing exposure for game titles in thousands of commercial locations such as malls, retail