What’s the Best Way to Engage Customers? Gamification.

May 23, 2017

Did you know that most people check their phones every 10 minutes?

Don’t believe it?

Try and go more than 10 minutes without touching your phone. I bet you can’t.


Technology is shaping the way we live our lives. Humans constantly crave distraction — distraction from work, from real-life situations — whatever it might be. We search for an escape from reality. We’d rather re-enact a moment of laughter just to capture it on Instagram instead of living in the moment.

And, this correlates to the way we shop and the way we purchase.

We prefer everything to be online and everything to be instant. Our brains take ten seconds to determine whether a webpage is providing the information we’re looking for. If it isn’t, we move on. 

Brands and retailers are catching onto this. They see a small window of opportunity to engage a potential consumer. The question isn’t whether or not brands are aware of how much consumers try to avoid commercial advertising. The question is:

How can brands engage a consumer quickly on their terms?

Gamification through voluntary engagement is the answer.

What Is Gamification?  

Let’s back up. What is Gamification?

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game play (e.g. point systems, competition, rules of play, etc.) to marketing techniques to encourage engagement with a product or service.

Gamification has become a business tool that marketing and service industries use to excite and engage their audiences.

Including elements of fun helps dilute the intimidation of advertisements and allows it to become consumer-friendly. Essentially, this process combines game thinking with game mechanics to engage its audiences on their terms.

Game thinking is a concept that decides which game components we ultimately gravitate toward as consumers.

This knowledge has been gathered over years and years of multi-generational prize games. It has helped define what we like, what we don’t, and most importantly, what impacts consumers enough to actually develop a change in behavior.

Taking a familiar concept like prize games and marrying it to a brand has the ability to create a B-to-C relationship like never before, through an engagement.

What Is an Engagement?

An engagement is interacting with a consumer on their terms. Gamification is the portion of the exchange that makes it fun.

Fun is the new metric. National brands aren’t looking to extend their reach. In order to be a national brand you need to have achieved a steady following, but what consumers want now is an experience.

In order to engage, brands must be willing to provide touch points that favor the consumer. To create an enjoyable experience, there needs to be a psychological link to fun.

An entertaining experience is more likely to be remembered by the consumer when there is a feeling associated to winning. Happiness and positivity release a chemical reaction in the brain called Dopamine.

Dopamine makes us happy and excited. Sometimes the mere anticipation of happiness can generate a chemical release. People operate the same way with a cycle of challenge, achievement, and pleasure. We challenge ourselves because we like the risk. We strive to achieve because it’s what drives us to live a better life. We do it all for that feeling of pure satisfaction.

Non-fiction gaming helps generate that risk. It’s the ability to combine fantasy with reality. We like to gamble with real money and take home real winnings. It’s the ability to gamify our actual liveliness. This concept is why establishments like casinos are so popular. Casinos exist solely on the premise of gamifying the risk of losing everything or winning beyond what you started with.

When a brand takes the concept of winning and weaves it together with gaming elements, it produces an opportunity to put their brand at the forefront of the consumer’s mind in a powerful way.

Why Does Gamification and Engagement Resonate with Consumers?

After an engagement excites a consumer about a brand and that Dopamine release in the brain happens, the consumer is going to want to come back for more.

Something to remember when building a unique experience is this: a consumer will always have options.

A consumer will always be bombarded with advertising attempts to persuade product preference. Creating an experience benefits your brand when a consumer is faced with two of the same offers, and takes an action in your favor.


Gaming is immortal. It can never die. Games have been around as a source of fun for thousands of years. Incorporating it into your marketing is not only innovative, but essential to creating a memorable customer experience.

Priatek’s consumer platform in2win has ensured that any prize promotion can be incorporated into its ecosystem, eliminating the chance of becoming outdated.

Brands create prize promotions that consist of a prize and three or more compelling offers. Consumers can play on an in2win kiosk or the mobile app and win every time.

It creates a memorable experience of anticipation with the positive result of winning.

As consumers progress, the process of engaging them has to as well. in2win is that revolving door.

Its dynamic nature focuses the distracted brain of every consumer. Instead of blocking out advertising, consumers embrace gamification and are highly engaged with the novel form of consumer-to-business activity. Priatek’s results show that consumers are willing to interact with brands if it’s fun, easy, and new.

Gamification at its core, bridges the gap between consumers and their hesitation to engage with advertisers. It has taken a stale marketing strategy and turned it into an innovative way to improve marketing strategies across all markets.

Want to Learn More About Gamification and Engagement?

Game mechanics and marketing are ever-changing. in2win sees the importance of creating the platform and not the game. We have made it possible to reach thousands of consumers and reward them, all while creating fun experiences.

If you want to learn more about gamification and engagement, we welcome you to contact us. Our gamification experts can talk to you more about how fun and rewards are becoming the most powerful tool used to attract audiences and build customer loyalty.