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It's easy to begin promoting your business with the most innovative, interactive and fun marketing tool available.

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It begins with a great prize offering from your business. We design your high-impact promotion with an attention grabbing message that targets your specific customer base. In return, you'll receive proven, unprecedented results from qualified customers. We want to you to win, so we provide consistent feedback to help you improve your promotions to ensure the best results.


A risk-free investment

Our in2win promotions are 100% performance-based. As a sponsor, pay-for-performance means you are only charged when customers engage with your promotion. Consumers receive offers instantly, right near your location, which means a higher potential for an immediate return on your investment. Plus, you have access to a custom dashboard that shows real-time analytics to track the effectiveness of your campaign.

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We offer a seamless, omni-platform user experience! Promotions and consumer engagement are available for kiosk, mobile, social networks and online.

data analytics that deliver

Brands that partner with in2win are able to access data analytics about their promotion. Valuable information such as the number of engagements per day, survey response questions, new vs returning customers, and engagements per platform. They can even see demographics like player gender, location, age, and loyalty
Engagement Percentage by Category: Priatek Analytics tracks all promotions and categories across the entire kiosk and mobile platform. An overview of the entire system allows us to balance the mix of promotions, which can be seen on your dashboard.

Engagements Peak Time: We monitor the popularity of every live promotion and deliver that data to you in real time. Each and every engagement is tracked and made available to you.

Measurable Demographics: Age, gender, income levels, and other demographic information is made available to you through engagements made on our platform. Deeper insights are also revealed and delivered through consumer surveys.

New vs Returning Customers: Track the popularity of your kiosks by monitoring the influx of new shoppers and return visits. You'll know exactly how many shoppers are coming back for more and how many are engaging for the first time.


an in2win kiosk in your location

With an in2win kiosk in your location, our Innovative Platform will engage shoppers! Join a revolutionary, interactive and fun opportunity that is proven to increase traffic in your location.
Connecting Shopping with Fun and Prizes We help retailers like you grow your revenue by engaging consumers with fun prize promotions and discount coupons. Our prize promotions result in a winner every time, which means shoppers can't wait to play. It also results in an immediate return on investment for both sponsors and retailers.

The Value of Greater Engagement Priatek helps retailers grow their revenue by attracting consumers to their retail locations. You can't beat the value!

Increase traffic: in2win promotions drive shoppers to your location through mobile advertising, social networks, and other traditional channels.

Enhance Entertainment Experience: We transform the shopper experience with engaging games and prizes that create a winning experience for every individual.

Improve Dwell Time: Fun and engaging promotions encourage shoppers to stay longer and spend more at your location.

Measure Shopper Loyalty: At no cost to you, we provide our customized data analytics dashboard, which gives you the ability to measure shopper loyalty at your location anytime, anywhere.

Encourage Repeat Business: Shoppers are notified of new promotions through the kiosk, mobile app, social media and other avenues, which will drive them back to your location.