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ADvertising has changed...

Modern, digital-savvy audiences know when they are being marketed to. They are:

  • skeptical and suspicious
  • blind to interruption advertising
  • annoyed by promotional tactics

This has become a problem for advertisers who no longer know how to create meaningful connections with audiences.

Priatek's revolutionary, new in2win system overcomes this problem.

By delivering fun experiences and messages, our approach reignites audience engagement and builds powerful connections with both new and existing customers.


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The future of advertising is here...

Priatek's prized-based digital promotions system, in2win is changing the world of advertising.

Our patent technology uses high-definition touch-screens and mobile apps to overcome traditional advertising problems.

In2win proves that fun experiences and rewards overcome the average consumer's numb approach to advertising and effectively turns audience interest into loyalty.

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Traditional Advertising Systems

  • Difficult to measure
  • Low audience engagement
  • Tired, unimaginative content
  • Expensive
  • Limited audience attention
  • Boring promotions

priatek's in2win System

  • Measurable data analytics
  • Voluntary engagement
  • Fun, social experiences
  • Performance-based pricing
  • Re-engagement opportunities
  • Desirable prizes

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