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Performance - Based prize promotions

Priatek designs and manages custom prize promotions for local and national businesses under its
in2win brand. in2win promotions engage consumers through a network of interactive kiosks located
in high-traffic locations as well as the in2win mobile app.


Priatek creates promotions for businesses that attract and entice shoppers.


Businesses only pay per consumer engagement.


Priatek delivers comprehensive data analytics that reveal key insights about the success of the promotion.

Every engagement counts

in2win is revolutionizing the way brands attract, engage, and market products to consumers through a network of touchscreen kiosks located in high-traffic locations. Consumers select a prize promotion and always win a valuable prize or discount. Consumers are re-engaged through the in2win mobile app, social media, and email.

the advertising world is changing

In the age of social media, traditional forms of advertising have become significantly less effective. To create meaningful engagements with consumers, companies must deliver experiences that are fun, rewarding and transformative.

change how you connect with consumers

Digital and mobile advertising is extremely competitive and often fails. in2win is a revolutionary platform that creates customer engagement with your brand through fun experiences in high-traffic locations where consumers select the discounts and offers they're looking for. Our team of experts develop and implement a successful customer engagement strategy that unlocks key insights about your target audience.

prize-based promotions that work

pay for performance
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measurable results
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